Sports Industry

The Sports Industry in Europe is maturing. In the United Kingdom, this market has been very professional for a number of years and mainland Europe is now following these developments. In the Sports Industry people are only satisfied with the best drivers, with specific experiences in top sport, a real niche market. This market is so specific that finding the right candidates is a very complex process. 

Excellentum has been studying this market for some time now and today we have a solid network of Executives in the Sport industry, as well as performers in the Sport sector.

We fulfill positions in professional football (leagues, governing bodies, clubs), at (inter)national sports associations, at advisory organizations, and it can also involve a very specific assignment in a niche market. 

In addition to executives in Sport, we are also increasingly focusing on fulfilling a need in finding so-called performers in Sport. This concerns, for example, Sporting Directors, Performance Directors, Academy Managers, Managers Scouting Departments, etc. 

Our network mainly focuses on Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Scandinavia.


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