Professional Services

The world around us is changing rapidly, which means that every organization must always be inventive and be at the forefront of new developments. The competition is on the move all the time and that means in concrete terms that only the best people and the application of new developments and techniques can ensure the right to exist for the future. Whether it concerns new clean energy solutions, digitization, sustainability, but also further efficiency improvements, IT solutions, flexible HR solutions and so on. Ultimately, the quality of the people determines the distinction of the organization.  


We focus on the following sectors:


Human Resources / Human Capital

IT Services


Business Services


Retail Services


In recent years, we have filled the following positions in these sectors: Transition Manager, Management Consultants, Change Managers, HR Partners, Legal Officers, Tax Officers, Implementation Officers, Managing Partners, Supervisory Board Members 


Mattijs Manders

Breda office

Graaf Engelbertlaan 75
4837 DS Breda
Tel: 076 410 0215

Alkmaar office

Comeniusstraat 2A
1817 MS Alkmaar
Tel: 072 820 0319

Kantoor Assen

Overcingellaan 17
9401 LA Assen
Tel: 076 410 0215

Kantoor Antwerpen

Kantoor Antwerpen
Ankerrui 9
2000 Antwerpen (B)