Healthcare: one of the largest sectors of the Dutch economy, at the center of attention and crucial for securing a future-proof society.

Matching supply and demand is a challenge for all parties involved in this market. Excellentum has been associated with various players in this chain for decades: home care, nursing, health and safety services, (para) medical professions, but also with parties involved as financial partners, such as insurers.


Breda office

Graaf Engelbertlaan 75
4837 DS Breda
Tel: 076 410 0215

Alkmaar office

Comeniusstraat 2A
1817 MS Alkmaar
Tel: 072 820 0319

Kantoor Assen

Overcingellaan 17
9401 LA Assen
Tel: 076 410 0215

Kantoor Antwerpen

Kantoor Antwerpen
Ankerrui 9
2000 Antwerpen (B)