Financial Services

The financial executive is often the pivot in every organization. In times of innovation and change, it is essential to have things in order. Whether it concerns Risk Management, digitization, acquisitions, IPO and so on.

Our strength lies in finding the right experts and leaders. Quality always comes first for us, but we also find it essential that the candidates fit within the culture of the company and within the team. 

We focus on the following sectors:

Commercial Banking

Corporate Banking

Private Banking

Wealth Management

Payments and Lending

Insurance (including Credit Insurance)


Private Equity

(Large) Corporates


Over the past few years, we have found candidates in these industries for the positions of CFO, CRO, CPO, VP Commercial Banking, M&A lawyers and bankers, Broking Director, Head of Insurance, Compliance Officers


Breda office (NL)

Graaf Engelbertlaan 75
4837 DS Breda
Tel: +31 (0)76 410 0215

Alkmaar office (NL)

Comeniusstraat 6
1817 MS Alkmaar
Tel: +31 (0)72 820 0319

Antwerp Office (B)

Ankerrui 9
2000 Antwerp

Tel: +32 475 56 63 27

Office Johannesburg (RSA)

145, 2nd Street Parkmore,
2196 Johannesburg
South Africa

+27 (0)10 300 0242