About Excellentum

Our strength is our focus on core competences. We are not "bulk recruiters" but work closely with our clients, almost like a colleague.

In addition, we focus on only a number of specific work areas: Industrie, Gezondheidszorg, Food/Agri en Financial Services. In deze sectoren hebben onze Partners zelf minimaal 25 jaar ‘aan de andere kant van de tafel gezeten’ en kennen de ‘ins and outs’ vanuit de praktijk.

Great emphasis is placed on finding the right connection with the (desired) corporate culture and the team surrounding the vacancy. An assessment is almost always part of the assignment, we really look behind the CV.


Excellentum Human Capital Solutions (Excellentum) is a boutique executive search agency that, together with the customer, seeks the optimal solution for filling the personnel organization. We do this by really immersing ourselves in the customer, the customer's market, the corporate culture and the ambition of the organization. Excellentum's partners carry out the entire search themselves, nothing is outsourced. We identify ourselves with the client, have worked on the client side for decades and look behind the CV and into the hearts of the candidates.

Excellentum focuses on only a few discipline / market combinations and we are professional specialists, we do not take on every assignment and only start when we are sure that we can offer the customer the best solution.


Excellentum is the sparring partner and reliable colleague who, on the basis of long-term relationships, from a local presence, together with clients, gives shape and content to the personnel side of the organization. Excellentum is a solid partner within the discipline / market combinations in Europe and even beyond.


  • we are no recruiters
  • wij worden tijdelijk uw “collega”
  • we have sat on your side of the table
  • we know the candidates personally
  • we look behind the CV
  • we are entrepreneurs
  • we are branche specialists
  • we have Excellentum-Eazy


Gerard Braker

Jan Piet van der Plank

Karin Verbruggen

Marcel de Jong

Alison Hassan

Linda Heen

Through a "state of the art" digital platform (Excellentum-Eazy) we present the shortlist to the client in a very insightful and user-friendly manner.

Excellentum Eazy is a digital platform specially developed by us on which we present candidates to our clients in a simple and accessible manner. No more email with a PDF with CV and an explanation from our Partner as an attachment, but all relevant information logically ordered per candidate immediately and everywhere available.

Excellentum Eazy enables the candidate to present himself before the personal introduction by means of a short video pitch. In addition, an e-assessment report (Octogram) forms a management summary and, of course, the CV parts of the EAZY presentation. In order to give more depth and substance to the assessment at an early stage, the candidates answer a number of questions set by the client prior to the interview.

Excellentum EAZY is a fully secure environment that is only accessible to the assigned internal organization of the client and is of course GDPR-p

Of course Excellentum EAZY™ part of our standard offer and method and there are no additional costs involved.