Excellentum has developed a unique and  innovative tool in the Netherlands to present our candidates on the shortlist to our customers; we have branded this Excellentum-Match ™.

 Excellentum-Match ™ is new and distinctive in the Dutch market, we are the only company in the Netherlands to offer this service to our customers.

Why Excellentum-Match ™?

 Normally you will receive a number of CVs with an explanation from your consultant. 

 We find this inadequate. Through this portal we offer the candidates more space and opportunities to present themselves directly to you. Therefore, we do not introduce your candidates through the outdated and old-fashioned PDF, but completely digital through Excellentum-Match ™ 

 Through this digital portal you will receive a clear and complete profile per candidate with the following components for you as client: 

  1.  a resume with photo in an identical layout, which makes it easier for you to compare 
  2.  a 1-2 minute video clip (elevator pitch) in which the candidate explains why he / she believes that he / she is the appropriate candidate for the vacant position within your organization 
  3.  You choose 3-5 key competencies for the vacant position, after which the candidates will describe him/her self on these competencies 
  4.  An e-assessment in which we can predict behavior and attitude towards the future 
  5.  Our benchmark of the candidates in which we give you our opinion 

 On placements through Excellentum-Match ™ we offer 1 year warranty .

In Excellentum-Match ™, you can give access to multiple people at your organization simultaneously, so you can communicate quickly and efficiently with each other (and us) about candidates and always have the relevant documents at hand. 

 Curious what Excellentum-Match ™ can mean for your organization? Contact us for a complete demonstration.