Jan Piet van der Plank

Over the past 25 years, Jan Piet has held international Human Resources positions at organizations such as Alcoa, Total, Caterpillar, Suzlon Energy, Wartsila, ASML and United Technologies Corporation.
Within these organizations, he was HR responsible for developing, implementing and managing the overall (international) Human Resources policy.
He has been active in executive search since 2012 and has been Managing Partner of Excellentum since 2016.
His long experience, coupled with a large (inter) national network, enables him to be your business partner when it comes to issues surrounding the human capital in your organization.
Given his work experience and background, he focuses on the Industry sector within Excellentum.

Born in the Eastern part of the Netherlands, Jan Piet grew up in Zeeland and Drenthe and eventually ended up in Brabant. In his spare time, he likes to ride a racing bike or run (fast) in the woods. Cooking is also one of the things he likes to do.

Jan Piet holds a Bsc in Human Resources Management and an Executive MBA. He speaks and writes fluent English and also speaks reasonable German and French


Jan Piet van der Plank

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